Top 10 Experiences :: Day 153

A ranked list of our most memorable experiences to date, that will be continuously updated as our travels continue. So many more left off this list are worthy of attention, but the people, places and often other creatures creating these experiences combined to leave an imprint that will last a lifetime.

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1. Beijing | China :: Hiking The Great Wall! [view post]

Manali on The Great Wall of China

2. Koh Tao | Thailand :: A Diver’s Delight [view post 1] [view post 2]

Manali and Terry - Koh Tao, Thailand

3. Great Barrier Reef | Australia :: Diving the GBR [post coming soon]

Sea Turtle - The Great Barrier Reef

4. Phuket | Thailand :: Hanging At The Beach…With Elephants! [view post]

Lucky The Elephant - Phuket, Thailand

5. Great Ocean Road | Australia :: The 12 Apostles [post coming soon]

12 Apostles - Great Ocean Road, Australia

6. Chiang Mai | Thailand :: Baan Chang Elephant Park [view post]

Terry at Baan Chang Elephant Park

7. Sydney | Australia :: New Year’s Eve [view post]

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge - New Year's Eve

8. Ubud | Indonesia :: Monkey Forest [view post]

Monkey Forest - Ubud, Indonesia

9. Tokyo | Japan :: Tsukiji Fish Market [view post 1] [view post 2]

Tsukiji Fish Market - Tokyo, Japan

10. Borobudur | Indonesia :: The Sweetest Candi [view post]

Borobudur Candi - Borobudur, Indonesia

Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali+Terry are world travelers with a passion for exploration, learning new things and connecting with people of different cultures.


  1. We are so so so jealous that you saw a turtle in the Great Barrier Reef. We are literally kicking ourselves that we didn't get scuba certified sooner because we would love to go back to the GBR. Ko Tao is nice but we have never seen coral and fish like we saw at the GBR (and we were only snorkeling!)


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