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The. Best. Airport. Ever. Changi Airport holds the top spot in numerous countdowns web-wide and we have to agree. Since our hostel was sold out the last evening we were in Singapore, rather than slugging our backpacks around the city to find another bed, we decided that we wouldn’t mind a few extra hours at the airport before our flight back the next day. Eighteen hours to be precise. Eighteen blissfully occupied hours – we didn’t want to leave.

Manali Playing Video Games In Changi Airport

Terry Rocking Out In Changi Airport

What couldn’t you find in Changi Airport? They have free wifi (fastest in Asia) swimming pools, hot tubs, showers, reclining sleeper chairs, free massage chairs, huge HD screens playing the latest soccer game, koi ponds, three full size movie theatres with non stop movies (we watched Rumor Has It), viewing areas for specific TV channels (MTV viewing area, ESPN zone, Discovery Channel section), Nintendo Wiis/Playstations, full set up of Rock Band, 24 hour restaurants and shopping – and almost all of these activities are free.

Manali Getting Ready In Changi Airport

No wonder you can check in to your airline 36 hours before your flight – there is so much to do and money to be saved in this expensive city! Definitely worth spending a comfortable night in the reclining chairs nestled away in the lounge areas, where they even have vibration settings to set as an alarm clock so you don’t miss your flight. Genius.

Manali Sleeping In In Changi Airport

Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali Patel Bettendorf
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