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Our return to Thailand from Singapore, our second visit after a first go around of 4 weeks, left us a fresh 30 day visa. As it turned out, we would spend the remainder of our time exclusively at Thailand’s beaches, having already experienced Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Cultural sites and excursions are limited, leaving the main attraction…beach life, and the consequential mood of relaxation, peaceful slumber and general lethargy quickly invades any prior routine you may have established. Simply put, for the previous month we have endured quite bravely the lifestyle of beach bums.

If you have ever wondered about a day in the life of beach bums, below is an example of what we have been up to for the majority of days for the last month or so in Thailand.

Manali - Koh Lanta Sunset

9:00 AM – Wake up

9:30 AM – Eat breakfast (usually cereal or granola bar)

10:00 AM – Take a dip in the ocean, explore the beach

Koh Lanta Footprints In The Sand

12:00 PM – Eat lunch (PB&J with chips), drink a fresh fruit smoothie (current favorites are watermelon, pineapple or banana)

1:00 PM – Take a nap

Manali and Becca At Angel Hut's

2:00 PM – Read a book (currently reading “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts and “The Favored Child” by Philippa Gregory; we go through from 3 to 8 books a month!)

Manali Reading Book

3:00 PM – Drive your scooter around town, shop, run errands to the post office, laundry and grocery store.

Koh Lanta Streets

5:00 PM – Body-surf some waves

6:00 PM – Watch the sunset

Koh Lanta Sunset

6:30 PM – Eat dinner (usually Thai food, sometimes pizza or Mexican)

Manali and Terry Lighting Candle Lantern

7:00 PM – Socialize with new friends and fellow beach bums while having beers at a beach bar (Thanks for coming out all the way from Dubai, Beccah Boo!)

Koh Lanta Beach Bar

Manali Becca and Neil

10:00 PM – Retire for the night and do it all over again

Terry - Koh Lanta Sunset

It’s a hard life.

Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali+Terry are world travelers with a passion for exploration, learning new things and connecting with people of different cultures.


  1. how much weight have you lost Terry? Perhaps I should go on a tour of the world – staying put in Belgium has resulted in +10 lbs.


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