Abel Tasman National Park | New Zealand :: Kayaking with Seals

The sole reason to visit Abel Tasman National Park, one of New Zealand’s smallest parks, is to kayak and camp on the secluded bays among playful seal pups and penguins.

You bet we were excited.  We saw heaps of seals and pups, lazing and sunbathing on the rocks (they have the best life!), including one little poor dead guy, which Terry tried to bring into our kayak to freak me out – yuck!

Kayaking is harder than you think!  That morning we had just heard about the Chile earthquake and a tsunami was coming our way, but of course, the Kiwi kayak people and their “no worries” adventurous attitudes sent us along our way regardless! However, the ocean gods were co-operative, we got the hang of it quickly, enjoyed a wonderful picnic on the tiny isolated Adele island and paddled the journey back with the wind current at our heed. The cloudless, gorgeous blue sky and calm seas were not too shabby either!

Details: MSK Kayaking Company offers ½ to 3 day hiking, kayaking and camping tours

Cost: $65 NZD per person for a full day unguided freedom kayak rental (includes brief safety talk and all equipment, kayaks have to be at the shore by 4pm,)

Start point: Marahau to Watering Cove, return journey, approx 4-5 hours in water

Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali Patel Bettendorf
Manali+Terry are world travelers with a passion for exploration, learning new things and connecting with people of different cultures.



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