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We arrived into Narita International, the air hub of Tokyo, with little affair and even managed to get to our intended downtown location, Bakurocho, quickly and easily. However, it took us about an hour wandering confused through the streets to find our hostel, the Khaosan Ninja. It happened to be only a short distance from our search path, over on a parallel street, but NO ONE speaks english, and no one can read an address apparently. We finally got some help by a hotel hostess, kind enough to print us a map. It turned out we went out the wrong subway exit, chalk that up to bad directions from the hostel, and we finally found the Khaosan Ninja, our lay down place for the next three nights, to joyous laughter and much releif, as we had precious little time to check in before the 9:00PM reception closing. We have fed ourselves, a small bit of McDonald’s discovered down the street, and came back to shower, and writing before we head for a deep sleep. Our quarters are comparable to plywood enclosed bunkbed boxes, with retractable doors to exit and enter. Manali is right above me. 😉

Tokyo - Hostel

First impressions of Tokyo…quiet, polite, crowded yet clean. It is sort of odd, because walking down the street, you hear only the faint hum of cars and scooters passing by…no horns, no sirens, no music blasting through windows. There seems to be a rigidity to life that everyone follows, but it is yet the first night of our adventure and we are eager to set out, explore and learn more tomorrow. Until then friends!

Manali+Terry are world travelers with a passion for exploration, learning new things and connecting with people of different cultures.


  1. It sounds like you two are already off to a great start! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful adventure. If you are going to be near Amsterdam or Paris Sept 12-21 let me know, maybe we can meet up 🙂


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