Tokyo | Japan :: Cramped And Lengthy, Overnight Bus Trip To Osaka Leaves Us Battered But Breathing

After deciding not to get the JR Rail Pass, which is the premier choice for inter city travel within the country, we booked seats on an overnight bus from Tokyo to Osaka. We found all information pretty readily available through your basic google searches. We landed on Willer Travel or Willer Express, operating the bus for our route among many others throughout the country.

Our trip came out to 5,200 Yen per person, or for simplicities sake, about $52 USD. The trip was 8 hours and we stopped twice for about 30 minutes each time, for restroom and coffee breaks.

Upon our arrival in Osaka and the 8 hours sitting upright in cramped quarters behind us, we were ready for a change of scenery and a decently comfortable horizontal position in which to situate ourselves. You can see from the brief “behind the scenes” video we really had a blast on that beloved bus.

Overall the bus was kind of a pain in the ass. We will try to avoid any long (4+ hours) travel where we have to sit in one upright seat in the future. I know that sounds like typical airfare accord, but this bus or coach as the attractively describe it, was far worse. Sitting in the back of a truck with chickens might lend a horrid stench, but at least you can stretch out your legs. Don’t forget, people in Japan are small, and they design small too. Word to the wise for my big boned or big anything brethren.


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