Guangzhou | China: National Day Parade & Celebration

During National Day in China, we were on the move, leaving Guilin on our way to Hong Kong via Guangzhou. As we lugged our increasingly weighty bags through the Guangzhou airport, we caught site of some of the National Day parade occurring in Beijing. Amidst the big cities, you sometimes forget the country is still governed by Communist leadership. Watching the parade it becomes abundantly clear that China still maintains a death grip in controlling image and strength for the nation. And those blue skies? Cloud seeding. In the month we were in China, not a blue sky in site.

Like nearly all in other in China, we watched the parade on the television. That was interesting, as parades in the United States are all about the people on the street. The National Day parade was by invitation only.

Like the Beijing Olympics, China aims to impress, and their parade and celebration was nothing short of amazing, and I’m not sure if any other country can put together a show quite like the Chinese.

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